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About Us

Luthier James R. DeCava was born and raised in Stratford, Connecticut. As a young teenager, he began playing guitar and banjo and soon realized that if something needed repair on his instruments, he had to do it himself as there were few repair people around at that time. He began meeting others with similar interests and came into contact with the well known 

Liberty Banjo Co. He worked for them for many years making banjos, doing repairs, and cutting-inlaying mother of pearl with intricate designs. Over the years, he has built hundreds of guitars, banjos, mandolins, and one-of-a-kind instruments. He has also  become well known for building multi-string instruments.

He is consistently growing and evolving as a builder of innovative guitars to keep up with the changing musical needs of today’s players..

Here's a page from a wish list article in an issue of BusinessWeek Magazine

*** Special Limited Opportunity ***

I am now offering limited one on one building classes for those in the local area (southwestern Connecticut). Email me or call for more information

- Jim

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