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Note: Links to other players and builders can be found with their comments on the feedback pages

BishBanjos.com - Winston is a long time associate from the Liberty Banjo days, and is now offering his own custom banjos.

FineArchtops.com - Here is a great website where their exclusive focus is on archtop jazz guitars.

Guitarist/Singer Richie Kaye, along with veteran bop artist Tony LaVorgna on reeds and piano, turn out upbeat versions of American standards and novelty tunes. Richie's site is available here.

Mark Elf's website. Mark is one of the premier jazz guitarists out there today. You will find his playing schedule here, and can also purchase his CDs.


This is Mark Elf’s new site, where he offers a comprehensive course covering all aspects of jazz guitar. He has thousands of fans and his musical stage presence is incredible. Being tasteful, technically dazzling, and yet with the touch of humor which sets jazz apart from all other musical genres is his trademark. If you want to push your playing to higher plateaus, see what Mark has to offer. Visit his site here.

Michael Coppola’s new website. I've been making custom 8 and 9 string guitars for Mike for fifteen years. His recent venture into the Chet Atkins style of playing has brought him wide acclaim. 9string.com

Listen and see Michael Coppola playing the DeCava Hydra

Other Michael Coppola Videos!

Click here to view here

Click here to view here

Debbie's official website. If you like electric blues, give her a listen. You'll find her national touring schedule here. Check out the archives page for some great photos.


A great comic/actor who happens to play a bluegrass banjo that Jim made!


A website devoted to the artistry of mandolins. This link goes to their "F" gallery.


Dr. Gary Smith's site is Bluegrass oriented and contains interesting incites and information. He was also one of the "Liberty extras" and could be found at the Liberty shop on most Saturday afternoons.