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Images of artists and custom designed instruments

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Mark Elf at the Classic American guitar show   Mike Coppola and Tony Purrone
Mark Campellone or Mike Coppola?   Mike Coppola or Mark Campellone?
Mitch Seidman   Mike with 28 strings
Tony & Mark   Mike
Mike and Tony   Tony and Mark
Tony and Debbie Davies   Debbie with "Archie"
Debbie Davies Signature arch top model   10 string classical
At a Route 7 Music workshop   This is Donelle Sawyer of New York City, a direct descendant (great granddaughter) of Manuel Nunes of Portugal who "invented" the ukulele in Hawaii in the late 1800's. Donelle is an excellent artist, graphics designer and hula dancer. She is shown playing a DeCava concert uke. Photo courtesy of Chris Davis
At a Route 7 Music workshop
At a Route 7 Music workshop
Mike and Michaela Coppola